June 13, 2020: FSCaptain 1.8.2 is released.  It offers Prepar3D v5 compatibility, as well as integration with FSDreamTeam's GSX Level 2 so all airliners can have accurate passenger and crew counts.

Other unique items from on-stand or remote ground deicing (when conditions warrant), to full OUT-to-IN support of your flight, are waiting for you when you become an FSCaptain!


FSCaptain Deicing Truck


Please note that the full version you download here is the "free trial" version which can be turned into the full version by purchasing FSCaptain using one of the links to the right.  Those links will allow you to purchase a registration code and then enter it into the program.  The only difference between the limited demo and the full version is the demo is limited to six airports you can take off from - KSEA, KOLM, KPDX, EGCC, EGGD, EGJJ.

If you're already an FSCaptain, check the download links to our right to get the correct Fixpack version to update to Version 1.8.2. here for more news...


  • Three versions for the price of one - FSCaptain works in FS2004, FSX (including FSX-Steam Edition) and Prepar3D (Version 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • There are three installers - one installer for FS2004, one for Prepar3D versions 4 & 5, and one for FSX (including FSX-Steam Edition) and Prepar3D Versions 2 and 3.
  • FSCaptain support multiple installations on the same computer, on multiple computers, as well as maintaining the same career in all your installations!
  • FSCaptain updates are free for all.


FCDU Image



Unequaled Realism:


  • FCDU gauges (illustrated above) are provided for easy and efficient communications with your dispatch office.  The FCDU functions as both an ACARS device for communication with your dispatch office and a Crew Messaging device to issue orders to your flight crew.

  • An FCDU EXE is also provided for SimConnect-based simulators so you can run outside of your flight simulator -- very effective if you have multiple monitors or networked PCs.

  • Accept (or decline) assignments from your employer -- just as it happens in the real world.

  • Be assigned to scheduled flights, charter flights, or choose non-revenue ferries where you select the destination.

  • Make passenger or cargo flights, sometimes with special requirements such as priority delivery, fragile cargo, or VIPs.

  • Prefer to fly unpressurized aircraft? Don't take your passengers (or live cargo) too high for too long or they may have trouble breathing and pass out.

  • The financial side of your airline is handled by the bean counters and executives -- you are a Captain and your concern is delivering your payload safely to your destination on time with consummate professionalism.

  • However you can enable an "Economic Mode" which allows you to see what your flights contribute to or cost your airline in its revenue.

  • (And if your airline is in "Economic Mode," you can equip your unpressurized aircraft with personal oxygen... allowing you to fly all the way up to the aircraft's rated cruise level!  The cost of doing so will be added to your flight's cost....)

  • You don't have to fly alone: you can fly with a first officer -- and on passenger flights with a cabin crew and passengers who react and whose satisfaction is your secondary concern - after everyone's safety.

  • The loading and unloading of passengers and/or cargo can be automatically handled by gate staff and ground crew.

  • If you've enabled 'exit-mapping' for your aircraft, your crew will operate PAX and Cargo doors on passenger flights, and only Cargo doors on Cargo flights.

  • Want to make international flights like the pros? Your FSCaptain dispatch office will know which airports have Customs Services and what their capabilities are.

  • Cabin service is handled realistically by your cabin crew -- you set parameters but do not micromanage.

  • If you're in Cruise and a friend / boss / Nature calls, you can declare "I'll Be Back" and your First Officer will watch over things and pause the simulator if problems occur.

  • You'll interact with the dispatch office to plan and monitor flights. If they notice weather conditions at your destination could present a hazard, they'll advise you to divert to a safer location.

  • Your dispatch office will warn you about many risk factors that could affect your flight even before you take off. Planning a flight to a very high altitude airport? That's okay, but what if you'll be landing heavy or what if their runways are reported as contaminated with heavy rain or snow? Your FSCaptain dispatch office will let you know what to look for.

  • You face the real-world hazards of aviation:  FSCaptain includes a wide array of potential mechanical failures, bird strikes, blown tires, and other hazards - even medical emergencies and smoke in the passenger cabin.

  • FSCaptain can optionally enhance the effects of hazardous weather in your simulator including making thunderstorms and icing dangerous -- even making runways and taxiways slick when frozen over! You can even include a full simulation of icing on the ground or in the air, including realistic on-stand ground deicing and anti-icing procedures.

  • When you remove ground ice with FSCaptain, you can rely on real-world Holdover Times (HOT) based on the fluid type(s) used, and the current weather conditions.

  • Your career is tracked and evaluated and your professional skills will be rewarded as you move up the ladder of success.  But watch out: your flaws are tracked closely too!

  • Afraid to commit to a long flight because your simulator might crash?  For years, FSCaptain has automatically saved the current state of your flight whenever your simulator saves its flight data. Now FSCaptain can trigger your flight simulator to automatically save your flight data on a regular timed basis.  So no matter if you crash on takeoff, mid-flight, landing, or taxi-in... you can restore and finish your flight without loss.

  • You've disabled "Crash Detection" in your sim, so you think you can taxi through a line of aircraft queuing for take-off? Think again! The optional ACME Collision Detection and Consequences (ACDC) feature can detect if you try to 'merge space' with a moving SimObject both on the ground and in the air.  Air or Ground Traffic can damage your aircraft and with luck (and calm nerves) you may be able to land safely....  (Only works with FSX & P3D.)


Unsurpassed Flexibility:


  • You aren't limited in the size or type of aircraft based on your career position. You can make your first flight in the largest jumbo, or in the fastest SST.

  • FSCaptain works for any of the default airlines provided by your simulator, or you can create your own including those that match real-world companies.  You can fly for Passenger or Cargo airlines (or both), on Charter or Scheduled operations (or a mixture!).

  • Create your own schedules or import them from the AI schedules inside FS9 / FSX / FSX-Steam Edition / Prepar3D (Versions 2, 3 and 4.).

  • FSCaptain can optionally warn you if you're flying too low outside an airport's control area. Think you can buzz houses or buildings with a cabin full of passengers or cargo with no repercussions? Think again!

  • The risk factors for failures are fully under your control, but by default they are very realistically implemented, quite rare, and completely random.

  • Airline policies are configurable in detail from the simplest to the most complex -- from a requirement to have your landing lights on at lower altitude levels, to how effective their maintenance operations are!

  • Aircraft characteristics are configurable, including detailed fuel and payload charts.

  • You can choose to honor airports which have been closed since your flight simulator database was created, as well as airports which are "private use."

  • There is support for reporting your completed flights to your Virtual Airline.

  • FSCaptain is aware of the status of various ground services offered by FSDreamTeam's GSX. If you use GSX for catering and fueling on a flight, you can configure FSCaptain so you won't be allowed to start boarding passengers until ground services have completed their tasks.

  • FSCaptain will transmit your passenger count to GSX Level 2, so their animated passenger and crew count will match your own headcount!

  • Taking a plane full of passengers on a trans-oceanic trip?  Allocate plenty of time for multiple meal services.  You set the "Hours between meals" for your airline and your cabin crew will serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • There are hundreds of options allowing you to customize FSCaptain to suit your style of flying!


All-Encompassing Compatibility:


No other ATP simulator can claim compatibility with the range of aircraft which FSCaptain has achieved:


  • All "Default" aircraft
  • A2A Simulations Constellation "Captain of the Ship"
  • Aerosoft Airbus
  • Aerosoft A300 Professional
  • Aerosoft CRJ & CRJ ProfessionalE
  • Aerosoft DC8
  • Aerosoft Twin Otter
  • CaptainSim 707
  • CaptainSim 727
  • CaptainSim 737
  • CaptainSim 757/767
  • CaptainSim 777
  • CaptainSim L1011
  • Carenado B1900D
  • Carenado B200
  • Carenado C208EXE
  • Carenado Cessna F406
  • Carenado Citation
  • Carenado DO-228
  • Carenado Fokker 50
  • Carenado M500 (Malibu)
  • Carenado PC-12
  • Carenado Phenom 300
  • Carenado Saab S340
  • CLS BAe-146
  • CLS DC-10E
  • Coolsky DC9
  • Digital Avation Fokker
  • feelThere EMB
  • feelThere ERJ
  • feelThere Phenom 100
  • FlightOne ATR-72
  • Flysim Cessna 441 Conquest
  • Flysim Lear 35
  • FSLabs A319 & A320E
  • iFly 737 NGX
  • iFly 747
  • Leonardo Maddog
  • Leonardo Maddog-X
  • Majestic Q400
  • Milviz 737
  • Milviz KingAir 350
  • PMDG 737 NGX
  • PMDG 737 NGXu
  • PMDG 747
  • PMDG 747 V2E
  • PMDG 777-200E
  • PMDG DC-6
  • PMDG JS4100
  • PMDG MD11
  • QualityWings 757
  • QualityWings BA46
  • QualityWings B787E
  • RAZBAM Metroliner
  • RealAir Duke Turbine
  • TDFi B717
  • Virtualcol A220 Series
  • Virtualcol ATR Series Pack
  • Virtualcol CRJ Series
  • Virtualcol Embraer 17x and 19x series 3 and 4
  • Virtualcol SAAB Regional Pack
  • Vertx DA-62
  • E = These aircraft are automatically 'exit-mapped.'


    A safe product to evaluate and use:


    • The free trial version of FSCaptain that you can download from our site is fully functional and not limited in any way except that operations must be started from six airports -- three located in the Pacific northwest of the USA, and three located in England and Jersey. The registration code which you purchase simply removes this restriction. You can evaluate the program at no expense risk-free for as long as you like, and you can even engage in future beta tests and enjoy free updates if you choose.

    • FSCaptain is carefully designed to be safe to install -- it does not modify your flight simulator or your Windows in any way except to add its own separate database folder and its gauges. The Windows registry is not touched in any way, shape, or form.

    • The FCDU gauges installed for your aircraft are easily installed or removed by a program with no tweaking needed.  It is unobtrusive and not seen unless called up, and it does not affect the appearance of your other panels in any way.

    • Your flight logs are carefully stored and backed up automatically to eliminate the risk of loss of your valuable career data.


    There are over a hundred changes, fixes and new tidbits since our last public release, and we encourage you to update if you are an existing Captain... or to take a first look if you're not.  FSCaptain has been setting the ATP standard in FS9, FSX and Prepar3D simulators for over ten years!