July 28, 2017

The Public Beta of FSCaptain 1.8.0 has just started. Visit our forum for details and download links!

April 24, 2017

The Public Beta of FSCaptain 1.7.4 is over, and we're rolling out a public release this weekend.

Work on Version 1.8.0 has started, and we anticipate a quick turnaround for a few new features, including:

      Dedicated Deicing Facilities (DDFs) that allow you to set up "off-stand" deicing positions on your sceneries which mimic the processes followed by most of the large airports in the ice-affected world as well as an increasing number of smaller airports.

      Contracts (Multiple-stage ATP flights introduced in 1.8.0 as a Early Adopter feature) - Think of contracting to haul 100000lbs of cargo in a specific span of time using an aircraft with a 10000lb payload. You're on the clock - GO!

Keep in touch and join the FSCaptain forum if you haven't already...we are a friendly bunch and you'll be welcomed!

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