FSCaptain 1.8.0 has been released as of December 3 2017!

Major Enhancements included in 1.8.0:

Assignments (a.k.a, "Action Pack") - this is our newest twist for SimConnect editions of FSCaptain. Are you tired of flying Air Transport Pilot flights and want to do something exciting?? This is a loosely scripted environment where you can go out into the world and drop fire retardant... fly a (virtual) banner over a city to advertise a local business... and even engage in virtual combat with ground opponents!

I'll Be Back - Has reality ever interfered with an ongoing flight? Now, with a few clicks on the FCDU, you can have your FO (if you have one) monitor your autopilot while awaiting your return - pausing your simulator if something out of the ordinary arises!

Off-stand ground de-icing - many large airports now discourage (or even prohibit) aircraft deicing at their parking positions, and have set up Dedicated Deicing Facilities for all aircraft to use. This major enhancement to FSCaptain will allow you to specify positions and rules to better follow real world procedures!

PLN Awareness - You can now have your FCDU automatically (or manually) subscribe to PLN data which has been changed in your simulator. Do you use an ATC add-on which can add SID and STAR/Approach data after you contact Clearance Delivery? If so, your FCDU can be made to honor an updated PLN... offering you the ability to auto-change the fuel load and to be granted an additional (gratis) Block Time Extension....

Navdata Support - The new installers include Navdata (from AIRAC 1702) to support two new small features... Automatically updated Transition Altitude and Transition Level data for all supported aerodromes, and Native Frequencies for Navaid-Waypoints in PLN data (displayed in your Dispatch Release).

VoiceText - your FO and FA audios can be presented on-screen for those times when the whine of your engines makes other things difficult to hear.